Green, Howard, & Mughal LLP is a high-quality Intellectual Property law firm in the heart of Silicon Forest.

We provide specialized domestic and foreign patent law services.  Our attorneys have diverse technology background with years of industry and patent law practice experience.  Our attorneys are inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, and legal professionals who pride themselves in understanding complex technologies and procuring marketable foreign and domestic patent monopoly rights for our clients.

We understand our clients and help them harvest ideas ripe for patent protection.  We defend assertions made by third parties against our client’s products, and also provide targeted prosecution and offensive analysis services.

We are located in Lake Oswego, a suburb of Portland Oregon, in the heart of Silicon Forest.

A Sample Of Issued Patents Drafted And Prosecuted by Our Attorneys.

We helped numerous clients procure patent rights for various types of technologies including Electrical, Software, Semiconductor, Chemical, Mechanical, . . .

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