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  • Education

    B.S. Electrical Engineering
    University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

    M.S. Electrical Engineering
    Stanford University, Stanford, CA

    Management Sciences
    Stanford University, Stanford, CA

    Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
    Stanford University, Stanford, CA

  • Assistant
    Katherine Campbell

Ardavan Tehrani

Ardavan is the Chief Technologist with the firm.

Ardavan has 18 years of experience in broadband communications (wireless, mobile, wired) as an R&D engineer, technologist and senior executive. As a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at ASSIA Inc, Ardavan gained extensive experience working with in-house and external counsel on IP prosecution, licensing and litigation strategies in the areas of networking software, wireless and semiconductors. He also has been a technical lead on multiple patent litigation projects. Ardavan is an inventor/co-inventor on 114 US and international patents and applications.

Ardavan’s areas of expertise include, Communication Tech. & Protocols (Wireless, Mobile and Broadband communications), Networking systems & protocols (LAN/WAN, Internet of Things [IoT], Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technologies), Semiconductors (System Architecture/design, SoC), and Software (Enterprise Software, Mobile Apps).

Prior to ASSIA, he was a co-founder and VP of Business Development at Axxerion USA, a business automation SaaS company. He was an early employee at Atheros Communications, which went public in 2004 and later on was acquired by Qualcomm. He has been an angel investor and consultant to a number of public and private companies, including top tier VC firms, and an advisor to a number of early stage startups.

Publications & Patents
Ardavan is an inventor on 114 US and international patents, and has published 11 technical papers.

Special activities
• Associate Editor, IEEE Communications Letters (2008 – 2013);
• Member of review committees of numerous conferences including IEEE Globecom and IEEE ICC conferences, and the journal IEEE Communication Letters; and
• Promoted to Gerson Lehrman Group Scholar in 2006. The GLG Scholars program recognizes and rewards GLG’s most valuable Council Members, based on the quality of their interaction with clients.