Electrical Arts and Consumer Electronics

Our attorneys and agents have designed and helped inventors realize inventions in the electrical and consumer art space. Our technical expertise is vast and includes high-level architectures to circuit-level implementations. For example, we...Read More..

Semiconductor, Optical, and MEMS devices

Some of our attorneys and agents worked in state of the art fabs for semiconductor processing. Our technical expertise is vast and includes in-indepth knowledge of transistors, optical transmitters and receivers, optical sensors, LEDs, reflectors,...Read More..

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the high-tech industry on a growth trajectory. Autonomous vehicles are getting closer to reality. Our attorneys have the knowledge to learn complex models and understand high performance inference chips that...Read More..

Chemical Arts

Our firm has attorneys with chemical engineering and chemistry backgrounds. They understand the chemistry behind your inventions, and can draft applications to protect your chemical inventions. For example, our attorneys can help you protect your...Read More..

Software Arts

Some of our attorneys have computer engineering backgrounds and have extensive coding experience. They understand algorithms and can protect your ideas even when software arts are relatively challenging to protect. They understand the changing case...Read More..

Mechanical Arts

Our attorneys are hands on experts and understand mechanical arts such as components of vehicles, heavy machinery, lathe machines, rockets, consumer products, etc. ...Read More..